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Recipes with EXCELLENCE

The world's most exceptionally-crafted premium chocolate

Upgrade to Excellence when making your own favorite chocolate recipes. From baking to beverages to desserts, Excellence will make your creations even more decadent. To help you create new chocolate masterpieces at home, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers are sharing a few of their favorite personal recipes.

Featured Recipes:

Classic Chocolate Brownies

Rich and decadent, one of our favorite brownie recipes.

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Chocolate Mousse

If you love to entertain, you'll want to make this recipe party of your basic repertoire-it is one of the easiest mousse recipes to make.

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Classic Hot Chocolate

The movie Chocolat inspired the Lindt Master Chocolatiers to create this superb hot chocolate.

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Molten Mint Chocolate Cakes

Intense single-serving cakes with a luscious, soft center.

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