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Master Chocolatier Helene Mazuyer

Hélène Mazuyer
French Maître Chocolatier and confectioner Hélène Mazuyer worked in small, artisan confectioneries before she began at Lindt, where she realized her dream to work for a large-scale chocolatier, sharing her experience and specialized knowledge with a wider audience. She is most interested in the diverse ways in which chocolate can be worked—carved, shaped, or molded—while playing with color to add a splash of fantasy. Hélène enjoys experimenting with chocolate to discover the new flavor combinations that Lindt chocolate lovers eagerly anticipate. For Hélène, chocolate is not just a craving; it’s a daily exercise, to keep her palate in shape and sensitize it to different aromas and textures. She feels that chocolate should be a source of wonder that recaptures the sweetness of childhood and believes that, much in the way a jeweler creates a gemstone out of a rock, chocolate-making should always be a creative endeavor. Her fondest wish is to ensure that the magic of chocolate continues to create a spark of delight in everyone’s eyes. Hélène says that the key to being a Maître Chocolatier is above all being passionate and having a creative, artistic side. “It’s best to have golden fingertips, for the profession is one of finesse, agility, and patience.”
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Helene Mazuyer - Master Chocolatier