Meet the Lindt Master Chocolatiers

The Masters Behind the Craft

The Masters Behind the Craft

Behind every Lindt chocolate creation is a passionate and skilled Master Chocolatier. Located all over the world, our Lindt Master Chocolatiers come from different backgrounds and have diverse palates and unique ideas. Yet they all share the strong bond of dedication to their roles as Lindt Master Chocolatiers and close ties to the home of Lindt chocolate. It is this commitment, unique passion and skill that keeps our creations fresh and exciting.

Ann Czaja

A Master Chocolatier and Senior Product Developer, Ann moved from her career in medical research to study confectionary in Switzerland – and has never looked back. Today, she is based in the United States and is always coming up with fresh recipes. She also speaks publicly about her love for Lindt – even working at events like the Emmys and Golden Globes. Turns out, A-listers love Lindt too.

Arnaud Ragot

Master Chocolatier Arnaud has been studying and working in the confectionery industry since he was a teenager. Years of training make him a skilled chocolatier, known for conjuring up exciting flavour combinations. His proudest moment was seeing his first assortment of pralines appear on store shelves. 

Thomas Schnetzler

Born and raised in Switzerland, Thomas Schnetzler has been passionate about chocolate since he was just a boy. After completing his formal training, he moved to Australia to be a Master Chocolatier for Lindt. He also shares his passion with the world as a brand ambassador – Lindt is truly a big global family.

Urs Liechti

Before joining Lindt, Urs Liechti ran his own confectionery for ten years. Today, he is the head of product management at Lindt’s headquarters. Even after all this time, Urs never gets tired of chocolate. There are days he samples between 100 and 150 grams of our creations.

Dimo Simatos

One of the finest and most respected chocolatiers in South Africa, Dimo Simatos is the Head of Master Chocolatiers Lindt Chocolate Studio & Boutique in South Africa, helping to set up Lindt’s Chocolate Studio in Cape Town. His love affair with Lindt chocolate began at a much younger age, when his neighbours used to bring back Lindt as gifts from their overseas travels.

Stefan Bruderer

Stefan Bruderer believes that the constant drive for new flavours is what makes a successful Master Chocolatier. Unsurprisingly, this Master Chocolatier holds not only a degree in food technology but also in art and design. The skills he learned at school are integral to his chocolate creations today.

Laurent Poilvet

Laurent Poilvet has worked as a pastry chef and confectioner around the world. Now he runs the new Lindt chocolate café in Tokyo as the manager for product creation and development. His advice to budding chocolatiers is to approach the craft with respect, humility and passion – be patient and keep learning.

Matthew Mueller

Matthew Mueller is one to watch. Never one to shy from a challenge, he competed in various competitions before joining Lindt as a driven ambassador and resident Master Chocolatier in the Middle East, Africa and Indian Subcontinental Region. His fondest memory is putting on his uniform for the first time – it fit like a glove.