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David Vignau - Master Chocolatier
French Maître Chocolatier David Vignau had extensive experience as a pastry chef and confectioner before starting at Lindt in France 11 years ago. If you asked David Vignau what he loves most, he'd say, "Chocolate!" Art, however, is his true passion; for he likes to invent, and create, to spend time thinking about new trends, tastes, and unusual textures. His goal is to always surprise consumers with his creativity. David was drawn to the chocolate industry because it allows him to satisfy his passion for chocolate-making through its various technologies and processes, that is, converting cacao beans into a chocolate. To be a successful Maître Chocolatier, David feels it's not enough to be fond of chocolate and be creative; one must be passionate, persevering, a perfectionist, and accept that it takes time, patience, and study. Furthermore, David believes that team spirit is absolutely necessary to conceive, create, make, and sell Lindt's exceptional final product.