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Jean-Pierre Larramendy - Master Chocolatier
Jean-Pierre Larramendy, Maître Chocolatier at Lindt & Sprüngli in France, and a self-proclaimed chocolate gourmand, is most fascinated with the chocolate manufacturing process. Following new technologies involved in chocolate manufacture and refining recipes helps him continuously acquire new skills, which he finds very gratifying. But even more gratifying for Jean-Pierre is seeing a new product get put into production and, finally, the pleasure people experience when they taste a square of chocolate - seeing the joy in their eyes, and hearing them exclaim, "This is delicious!" In order to be a good Maître Chocolatier, Jean-Pierre believes one must be curious, always researching new technologies, and have a thirst for learning; to be very self-disciplined and take a lot of pleasure in one's work. He gets a great deal of pleasure from experimenting with new tastes and different textures.