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Lindt Chocolate Christmas Gifts

This holiday season, show your love and appreciation to all family, friends, and colleagues with the richest, smoothest gourmet Christmas chocolate gifts from Lindt.

From the ultimate assortment of truffles for the holidays to a box of creamy Lindt chocolate bars, the delicious taste provides the perfect holiday present. For all chocolate lovers on your Christmas list, our baskets and bags can be personalized with the flavors of your choosing.

Include bars, snacks, sticks, Lindor truffles or bulk products to create the ultimate gift of Christmas chocolates. Find a variety of truffles to include as chocolate stocking stuffers and step up your gifting with delicious chocolates this holiday season. Make this holiday season one to remember with our delightful gourmet Christmas candy gifts, especially with the excitement leading up to the holidays!

Put the chocolates and truffle candy under your tree or gift them to a loved one, friend, or teacher. A personalized chocolate box or basket from Lindt is a thoughtful holiday gift. Celebrate this holiday season with Christmas chocolate gifts from Lindt.