Dark Chocolate


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Dark & Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles & Candy Bars

Find the dark chocolate with robust flavors you will savor right here at Lindt. Our Lindt Master Swiss Chocolatiers craft dark chocolate truffles and candy bars with the richest cocoa flavors.

When you bite into the dark chocolate bars, you won't be disappointed. We have an assortment of dark chocolate truffle flavors, including chili, sea salt, caramel and cocoa, so create a custom mix of LINDOR truffles to indulge in all the delicious flavors.

Our smooth and refined dark chocolate flavored candy bars are sure to delight. All the traditional Swiss recipes deliver the lasting flavor of gourmet dark chocolate. Whether shopping for a mix, gift boxes of dark chocolate or personal pleasure, we have the best option for you.

If you can't decide on any one flavor, we offer a gift box of exclusive EXCELLENCE dark chocolate bars with flavors to engage all of your senses.

Shop now for savory and rich dark chocolate flavors directly from Lindt.