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Lindt Hanukkah Chocolates

Provide the gift of rich gourmet Swiss chocolate this Hanukkah with Lindt truffles and chocolate bars. A gift basket of chocolates for family and friends, our kosher chocolates will be there as you celebrate the festival of lights. With Hanukkah candy from Lindt, you can be sure your holiday will be one to remember.

We have flavors to suit every taste, helping you create a distinct chocolate flavor for all eight days of Hanukkah. Whether in a gift box, basket, or truffles, the creamy Swiss chocolate from Lindt is perfect for all chocolate lovers this holiday season.

Find a variety of truffles and step up your gifting as you celebrate with a personalized chocolate basket. Enjoy the bold flavors and tastes while you create a Hanukkah chocolate tradition with Lindt. Shop now.