Milk Chocolate


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Milk Chocolate Bars & Baskets from Lindt

For the richest, creamiest and smoothest Swiss milk chocolate, Lindt has a variety of truffles and chocolate bars to indulge your taste buds.

Through years of chocolate passion and tradition, our chocolatiers have created a milk chocolate experience that delivers an enjoyable, smooth taste. Through an assortment of truffles, milk chocolate bits, bars and boxes, our selections are delicious and savory.

The rich milk chocolate is perfect for any occasion. Whether a gift box for a special occasion or a custom assortment of milk chocolate truffles for yourself or a loved one, even just a few bars to experience the delicious flavor, choose the best option for you.
The rich and creamy texture of gourmet Swiss milk chocolate delivers lasting flavor and pure joy. Shop now for a unique chocolate experience directly from Lindt.