LINDOR Custom Mix 125pc for $30 or 200pc for $45
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Chocolate Truffle Gifts

LINDOR gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from bags to baskets and boxes. The rich, creamy chocolate truffles can be customized and personalized to show thanks and appreciation for all gift recipients.

Gifts are never easy, but providing gourmet Swiss chocolates and truffles that indulge your taste buds, you'll know all will enjoy LINDOR gifts. Delivering lasting flavor that you'll savor with the creamy truffles, make sure you provide an enjoyable gift with Lindt.

There is an assortment of LINDOR gifts that help you choose the perfect size, from 28 pieces to as many as 150 pieces, plus the ability to personalize your gift by creating a custom LINDOR mix with more than 20 delicious flavors to choose.

Mix and match for the perfect LINDOR gift. Shop your favorite truffle flavors today.