Palmer Square
Lindt Chocolate Shop
Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton Lindt Chocolate Shop - Outside Princeton Lindt Chocolate Shop - Inside
Visit a Lindt Chocolate Shop!

Experience the unique passion and distinctiveness of premium chocolate, created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers since 1845! Our shops feature an array of delicious Lindt chocolate offerings not found anywhere else, including an extraordinary assortment of over 20 Lindor Truffle recipes, seasonal varieties, create-your-own gifts, chocolate bars, exclusive European Specialties and boxed chocolates. At Lindt Chocolate Shops, our guests are treated to a premium free chocolate sample and shopping assistance by our expert Lindt Chocolate Advisors.
Palmer Square
Lindt Chocolate Shop

68 Palmer Square West
Princeton, NJ 08542

Sun 12p - 6p
Mon 10a - 6p
Tue 10a - 6p
Wed 10a - 6p
Thu 10a - 8p
Fri 10a - 8p
Sat 10a - 8p
New for the Palmer Square Lindt Chocolate Shop
Enjoy the distinctiveness of Lindt Chocolate now delivered right to your door. Select from a luscious assortment of smooth-melting LINDOR Truffles recipes on the Grubhub app or online at
Fall/Halloween Collection
Enjoy a Harvest of Sweet Seasonal Delights
From unique and colorful collections to spooky chocolate treats, our Fall and Halloween Collection add that perfect dash of tasty fun.
Fall/Halloween Collection

Treats So Good, It's Scary: Our delicious and distinctive Halloween gifts are perfect for getting into the "spirit" of the season.

Master Chocolatier Specialties

Enjoy A Taste Of Europe Without Leaving Home: Experience exquisite and delicious creations imported from Italy, Germany, Austria & Switzerland for just $5.99 per quarter pound.

Master Chocolatier