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New drinking water source in a village
New drinking water source in a village

In many regions of Africa, as it is the case in Ghana, clean, safe drinking water is not something to be taken for granted. In order to increase the cocoa farmers' quality of life, the manufacturer of LINDT chocolate is active in helping to improve the supply of clean drinking water.

Image of Sadia Alimaiu
Sadia Alimaiu
Sadia Alimaiu lives in Sefwi Boako, a small village in the west of Ghana. She is one of the farmers who supply the finest cocoa beans to Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory for the production of LINDT chocolate. For ten years, she has been farming her own small plantation, which is as big as three football pitches. Every day, she looks after her trees until the cocoa fruits can finally be picked in the main harvesting period from October to April. She then opens the fruits, ferments the fruit pulp with the cocoa beans, and leaves the beans to dry so that they can develop their unique flavour.

Sadia Alimaiu knows all too well how important clean drinking water is for cocoa farmers. "Before," she says, "I was often ill and thus unable to work. That was bad because if I can't work, I don't earn anything either." If they lose their income, the farmers and their workers often have their livelihoods threatened because only very few have insurance or savings. The costs for stays in hospitals or visits to the doctor are also an additional burden.

Since a borehole was built in the village with support of Lindt & Sprüngli, the quality and accessibility of the drinking water has improved and farmers and their communities report improved health.

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That is something that is felt by Sadia Alimaiu too: "Today, I am not as ill as often because the water is much cleaner. Today, I have more energy and also more time to work on my farm than in the past, and I feel stronger and healthier than before. The construction of the borehole has substantially improved my quality of life and that of my family."
Today, when Sadia needs drinking water, she uses the borehole that was set up in her village under the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program.

This saves her and the other inhabitants of the village the long walk that they had to make in the past to fetch water from rivers and ponds. What's more, this water was frequently heavily polluted.

More than 150 boreholes and hand-dug wells have already been built, thus ensuring access to clean drinking water. Because Lindt & Sprüngli knows how important water is for the cocoa farmers, the manufacturer of LINDT chocolate will continue to be active in the future too to ensure improved water supply for the farmers in Ghana.