Chocolate Easter Bunny

Experience the magic of Easter with Lindt's Chocolate Easter Bunny selection. Available in different sizes and flavors, our collection of GOLD BUNNY treats are perfect for gifting, hunting, and more. Indulge in our classic milk chocolate Easter Bunny, or try our rich dark chocolate Easter Bunny. 

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  1. The Perfect Easter Gift

    No Easter is complete without our GOLD BUNNY. Show someone how much you care by gifting them a product from Lindt’s iconic Chocolate Easter Bunny collection.

Each GOLD BUNNY is exquisitely crafted with love by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, from our hollow chocolate Easter Bunny to our solid chocolate Easter Bunny and more. Elevate your Easter traditions with Lindt's signature craftsmanship and share moments of sweetness with loved ones. Unwrap the joy of Easter with Lindt's premium GOLD BUNNY collection. 

Why Not Add Some LINDOR Truffles to the Mix?

Why Not Add Some LINDOR Truffles to the Mix?

Why not accompany your Chocolate Easter Bunny with a selection of LINDOR Truffles to create the ultimate centerpiece for your Easter celebrations? Choose your custom mix today.